BAE x Hanoux

BAE x HANOUX  We partnered up with a local sustainable clothing company owned by Hannah Ross to create a collection of wearable art. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and hand-dyed in the Hanoux studio using low-impact dyes, locally printed with non-toxic inks, and is made of natural materials. Together we have designed sweatshirts, leotards, crop tops, T-shirts, Tote bags and more, with all proceeds going to support the collective's community event production featuring local female artists across genres.    

Photos by Desdemona Dallas

BASS YOGA  A collaboration between the Co-Founder and sound resident of BAE, Reem Abdou, and international yoga instructor and movement performer, Nikki Ortiz. BASSyoga is a merging of music and movement;  an ecstatic state —the union of body:mind:soul:senses. The project is a unique expression of deeply vibrational music and movement medicine meant to sync brainwaves and nurture energetic fluidity in the mind, body, and spirit.

Photos by Renée Choi

DSC05045 copy.jpg

BAE x Elements Festival 

BAE x Elements Festival The music & arts festival hosted by BangOn!NYC happens twice a year, first during spring in Lakeeood, PA and then later in the summer held in NYC.  Each festival, the Collective BAE has contributed wellness programming with curated yoga, meditation, Connection Circles, and crucial panel discussions on the music industry, facilitating spaces for the attendees to tune in in the midst of a large-scale festival environment. See #ElementsBAE press here.

Photos by Hanna De Vries