We are artists & healers »

connectors + curators.

We are thinkers, doers, makers, mothers, sisters, rebels,

magicians and witches and revolutionaries ~

 freethinkers and intention-setters.

We are real room for diverse collaboration

daring co-creation

and genuine reclamation.

We are <s p a c e> — before anything else

   BAE is a celebration of female creativity and feminine energy.

It is a gathering of our collective evolution and the vitality of tangible transformative spaces curated, produced, and performed by women, for ALL.    

We activate high-vibrational experiences of hidden talent & hushed magic, producing a unique all-female and feminine-identifying lineup of live music, art, and wellness. Featuring interactive installations, live performances, and immersive experiences across mediums and genres that highlight and connect the most collaborative creators, artists, craftswomen, and feminine-spirited collectives of NYC and beyond. 

Our intention is to elevate and empower feminine creators; to give them space to put their art, their potential, their creativity, their humanity Before Anything Else (B.A.E).

Our intention is also to make and experience things together; calling in the wisdom of our ancestors, calling in the ceremonies of centuries past, calling in a new kind of present & building a future we are each a part of.

This is a balanced space for collective being —

before anything else.

Join us


If you are joining us for the first time: W E L C O M E.

This is a safe and hyper inclusive space for ALL to express & experience

empowered creative feminine energy

(whatever gender you identify as).

We ask for your openness, your curiosity, your respect,

and your willingness to give and to receive.

If you are joining us at BAE again,

you know words are not enough to capture the experience of that energy.

Welcome Back .:. Welcome Home ♥

 image by @sarashakeel

image by @sarashakeel