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BAE:Roots - cacao & flow

  • X Marks The Loft 405 Johnson Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)
“We do not go into ceremony to talk about God.
We go into ceremony to talk with God(dess).”
.:. Quanah Parker Comanche


On midweek of November 15, we gather to root, to elevate, to illuminate. To commune and to connect deeply — with our planet, with each other, and with our realest, rawest self. With the creative feminine power that we share with our Mother Earth; and to the divine potential we carry in us as our birthright.


As autumn unfolds, and the days shorten in time, we gather to rekindle the light inside; the heat that sparks all of our energetic exchanges — all our work, play, love. The energy that animates how we process and produce.


We begin with a ceremony — calling in the ancient Cacao medicine to activate body x mind x heart. Releasing our resistance, melting our fears, offering us clarity and connection. As we flow into the evening, music becomes our vehicle for liberated movement, for alchemized spirit, for blissful sensation ... and all of the parts of us begin to rise: true and transmuted.


BAE:Roots is an alcohol-free gathering.

Come as you are ❤️



with Florencia Fridman


About Cacao:

Cacao (raw chocolate) is a powerful plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. Far from just the saccharine chocolatey substance that we mostly know it as today, the ancient people of Mesoamerica considered cacao to be a gift from the gods; a specialty food that achieved a sacred status because of all of the holistic benefits it’s been later proven it contains. This sacred plant was used ceremonially to connect the people to their divinity, to mark milestones for important life events, and as a medicine for all kinds of healing.


Cacao has countless qualities that support health and psychological well-being. Research confirms that more-raw chocolate helps to relieve emotional stress by reducing levels of stress hormones in the body and activating the natural pleasure molecules in our system. It increases blood flow to the brain, augmenting mental agility, awareness and focus. Cacao, if consumed regularly, keeps our skin organ healthy and normalizes blood pressure, reducing the need for synthetic medications and integrate true mind/body balancing. (via Rebekah Shaman, holistic healthcare healer)


About Florencia:

Florencia is a natural-born healer and self-empowerment artist working with heart opening therapies involving holistic nutrition, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, yoga, sound healing, and breath as the

instruments for transformation, creating a safe vessel for self exploration.


Florencia’s Ceremonies always begin by connecting with the circle involved in a playful way before going into the journey of the self. What follows is the gratitude and acknowledgement of the elements as they are an extension of ourselves. The rest is left to the purpose for the celebration but always always be prepared to tune into a meditation of sound. Regardless of the celebration, the reconnection to the circle involved is always present.


Creating a sense of family and community. Her curiosity to learn more about her Mapuche roots and connection to the land brought her to the exploration of the sacred. She facilitates ceremonies in different cities within the US, and is beginning to travel abroad to share her passion. Although her family is Mapuche, Florencia has found a strong calling to the Maya traditions and has felt a deep connection to The land of Guatemala, where she feels most at home.


Her mission is to expand the hearts and minds of those who are ready to wake up. Bringing consciousness to the importance of honoring the indigenous traditions and the indigenous communities living these traditions.


/// 9PM - 12AM: DANCE FLOW


Sky Soyoung (Future Clear)

dreeemy (BAE)

Tony y Not (BAE)





Tickets to the ceremony are limited to keep our circle intimate. Please reserve your space online.


$22: Cacao Ceremony + Dance Flow

$11: Dance Flow, beginning from 9PM


flyer by #artBAE Steffi Min


we are artists & healers;


connectors + curators.


we are thinkers, doers, makers, mothers, sisters, rebels, magicians + witches + revolutionaries.


freethinkers and intention-setters.


we are real room for diverse collaboration, daring cocreation, and genuine reclamation.


We are SPACE -- before anything else.


BAE is by WOMEN .:. for ALL.


If you are joining us for the first time - WELCOME.


This is a safe and hyperinclusive space for ALL to express + experience empowered creative f e m e n i n e energy (whatever gender you identify as).


It's a supportive space for sensation and a limitless showcase for creation.


We ask for your openness, your curiosity, your respect, and your willingness to give and to receive.


If you are joining us at BAE again, you know words are not enough to capture the experience of that energy.


Welcome Back .:. Welcome Home ♥